Which Apocalypse Scenario Frightens You Most?

Sep 19, 2018
Portland, OR
Anything that makes life permanently unbearable. If it's going to come to that I'll just kill myself. If civilization is going to come to an end from all of the nukes going off and everyone dieing slowly or quickly from radiation, place me at ground zero of one of them.


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Sep 20, 2018
Limburg, Netherlands
Anything that makes life permanently unbearable. If it's going to come to that I'll just kill myself. If civilization is going to come to an end from all of the nukes going off and everyone dieing slowly or quickly from radiation, place me at ground zero of one of them.
In the case atomic bombs will fly back and forth I have nothing to worry about. I live within 2 miles from one of the NATO headquarters in Europe, so I will most likely vanish from earth as part of one of the first bombs thrown. Most likely I will never know what hit me then.
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Soen Eber

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Sep 20, 2018
What scares me most about that is that the HIggs-Boson field has a scary amount of energy, compared to all the other fields in the universe. An advanced enough civilization would have the technology to siphon some of it off, until one day the odds of quantum tunneling drops a decimal point or two or three and we have a whole new big bang event travelling around at the speed of causation (i.e., the speed of light, but it's only the speed of light because photons, being mass-less, get a free ride on the causation train).

Beebo Brink

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Sep 20, 2018
So that's the scenario that frightens me most, the one where we have already passed the tipping point and just don't know it yet.
If I were younger and in better health, this would be mine as well. I do think we're past the tipping point, but I won't be around long enough to worry about it except as an intellectual exercise.
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Jo Yardley

Jo Yardley
Dec 12, 2018
I live in 1920s Berlin
I can survive pretty much all other scenarios I can imagine, I'm trained, I'm ready, bring it on.
But when a air born virus strikes, there's so little you can do and death is generally a lot painfuller and slower than many other deaths.
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Jan 2, 2019
I asked my son the same question tonight and he said “That’s easy. Aliens that farm us for breeding stock and food supply”.

. . .

Sometimes I question the parenting choices I made.
Has he recently read "Under the Skin"? (very unlike the film version)

Jopsy Pendragon

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Sep 20, 2018
Hillcrest, San Diego, CA
I hate traveling for the holidays, it's like 30%-50% of people in airports are coughing or are showing other visible signs of illness. Myself included, cough cough.

Every year it seems like that percentage goes up. 20% of our GDP going to healthcare, and we've got what looks like a perpetual non-lethal pandemic ... Clearly there's some kind of scam at work.
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Jan 11, 2019
Being over sensitised (anxiety depression) it would be more than understandable to be concerned about the global situation. I would be if I was back in my old severe anxiety state too!
North Korea are just flexing their 'little' muscle to let their population know that their leader is a mighty 'legend'
The chances of anything happening are very very small. I follow the global news and study whats been happening
I would be at more risk of having some drunk driver hitting my Ford XR8 than another war occuring.
I have never been pro meds until my anxiety/depression became serious after 13 years. My female GP kicked me hard and changed my mind. I am so glad she did. I have been on antidepressants since 1996 and they gave me my life back....just a small dosage too!
My career performance increased....my relationships improved and I am not teary and scared as I used to be.
Its like a diabetic having to take their insulin.....I just take my meds and have regular counseling for a 'tune up'
Its no different to a physical illness....sometimes we need the meds so we can have a solid platform on which we can function reasonably okay on a day to day basis.....with therapy :)
Meditation and Yoga are great tools too of course. If the anxiety & depression are effecting your quality of life the meds may be a good option to work with Natural Therapy/Remedies. (Subject to your GP's approval of course)
You are not alone here Bec....at all. I really hope you can post back....even if you just want a chat or ask a question you are more than welcome to :)
my kindest thoughts for you.....an amazing proactive person!

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Sep 26, 2018
No-deal Brexit...
No deal Brexit with entirely man made consequences leading to lorries piled up at ports, lack of food at the Supermarkets, and people dividing along remain/Leave lines to blame each other for the mess. Lack of medications, petrol etc. I didn't learn until recently that a lot of the petrochemicals used in the UK come through Rotterdam - that will mean if arrangements for exporting/importing fuel are suspended we'll be in trouble fast.

I am lucky that living in the country near a lot of farmland I would probably be able to get hold of fresh vegetables... but who knows? If people have fuel and are offered a lot of money maybe not. I've always had emergency stores, but I'm thinking of ramping that up, finances permitting, which they don't at the moment.

The UK already is under unreasonable government - the poor are being starved, there are increasing numbers of homeless on the streets and living in precarious accommodation. and lets face it, no bloody government could look at the prospect of Brexit and think it's a good idea for the country, not least for the possible effect on Northern Ireland. People are too tired to rebel at the moment, but throw in some food shortages and problems with getting fuel and medication and I think we could be very close to a breakdown of society. It seems ridiculous to me that people prefer these Tory bastards to the possibility of a few people claiming benefits who might not deserve them... I know I hate how hostile and self-centred our society has become, and I think that leaves it vulnerable to all sorts of ills.

Basically this doesn't feel like fantasy over here, it seems a distinct possibility and it scares me.