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Innsmouth Fish Dinner Tiffy Vella
A decorative meal item for your dinner table, Innsmouth style.
Culprit Sphynxie Animesh Companion eku zhong
Animesh companion with gestures and AO
Interesting Old Boxes Tiffy Vella
Original mesh decorative boxes, with copy+mod perms.
G&D Schwartz Radio 1920s/30s EmpressOfCommunism
20S RADIOS with lots of options and great features.
Original mesh shoes for Slink and Maitreya mid feet.
[ WoO ] Chomper Carnivorous Plant - Animesh Pet! Aki
An AniMesh Pet - optionally convertible to full avatar.
Here, you won't find clean and stylish homes, pristine and luxurious beaches, noisy dance clubs...

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I love reading your posts. We all have our moments. I have to say in private though, that is the silliest post I've ever read from you. It just won't happen. Where would they be relocated to where they can make a little money and survive?
Innula Zenovka
Innula Zenovka
Well, in most other countries, people would be trying to address the problem and trying to consider what, if anything, might be done to solve it.

Possibly they'd conclude nothing can be done, but at least that would be based on an evidential foundation.

The US seems to have taken one look at the problem and decided it's all too difficult, so why bother even considering solutions?
Essence Lumin
Essence Lumin
There are lots of possible solutions. You don't seem to understand that the underserved rural population of the US is many times bigger than Britain. They can't just be moved.
Why in the world are we here
Surely not to live in pain and fear
Why on earth are you there
When you're everywhere

(John Lennon - Instant Karma)