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  • OMG! LOVZ the new avatar!!! Youz be a GOD!
    Just an AOC, really.
    You got to rip off the head of your dreams
    Because it seems, there's something in it.

    (The Brian Jonestown Massacre - What You Isn't)
    It's Sunday, but I have 2 more days to go before I have to go back to work. I'M FREAKING OUT.
    They have prefixes for before something happens (pre-), and after (post-). What is the prefix for "it's happening as we speak?"
    Veritable Quandry



    Not much oomph to it.
    They called the clip a two-headed cow,
    Your hate, clipped and distant,
    Your luck with pilgrimage.

    (R.E.M. - Pilgrimage)
    Yes, I am.
    There are 2 types of people in the world: Those who believe there are 2 types of people in the world, and those who do not.
    Math teachers are wrong: Math is hard.
    Free: I just killed a spider.

    Free's friend: Fear of spiders is irrational.

    Free: I said I killed it, not that I ran screaming from it.

    Free's friend: But you killed it out of fear.

    Free: I killed it because it didn't keep up with its share of the rent. The same goes for flies. Unless you think I have an irrational fear of flies.
    If you're not affraid for them, you'll hardly tell someone about your heroic action of killing a spider.
    Just saying....
    I celebrate everything.
    Suddenly, I want a calculator. You know, a real one that sits on your desk and goes unused most of the time. One that lets you do logarithmic equations and shit.
    Apparently some people think I post too much on the forums.

    Wait until I have my period, boo.
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    I think I need a cat.

    But the apartment building I'm presently at doesn't allow pets.

    I think I may move soon.
    VV.1 is the first time I've ever moved along with a web site. I must say, it was a lot easier than when I changed apartments.
    Where are the plastic forks and knives?
    Lady Darnk Juniorette
    Lady Darnk Juniorette
    I forgot to bring them, they're back at the old house. My bad!
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