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  • Never had trouble getting what I want
    But when it comes to you, I'm never good enough
    When I don't care, I can play 'em like a Ken doll
    Won't wash my hair, then make 'em bounce like a basketball

    (Demi Lovato - Heart Attack)
    Here we go, here we go, satellite radio
    Y'all gettin' hit wit' the (Boom, boom!)
    Beats so big, I'm steppin' on leprechauns
    Shittin' on y'all wit' the (Boom, boom!)
    Shittin' on y'all wit' the (Boom, boom!)

    (Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow)
    Kitty at my foot and I wanna touch it
    A kitty at my foot and I wanna touch it
    A kitty at my foot and I wanna touch it
    A kitty at my foot and I wanna touch it

    (Presidents of the United States of America - Kitty)
    Lucky that my lips not only mumble
    They spill kisses like a fountain
    Lucky that my breasts are small and humble
    So you don't confuse them with mountains

    (Shakira - Whenever, Wherever)
    Current Status: :coffee:
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    Reactions: Sid
    That is my 24/7/365 status.
    You drink coffee in your sleep? Impressive.
    Love, peace and harmony?
    Love, peace and harmony?
    Oh, very nice
    Very nice
    Very nice
    Very nice
    But maybe in the next world

    (The Smiths - Death of a Disco Dancer)
    A renaissance, another day
    To tiptoe on the balustrade
    Get over you, like anything
    I ever could

    It's easier from far away
    Imagine this another way
    I know the lines to every play
    The best ones cry

    (San Fermin - Renaissance!)
    Wooooo hoooo
    Wooooo hoooo
    Wooooo hoooo
    Wooooo hoooo

    I got my head checked
    By a jumbo jet
    It wasn't easy
    But nothing is

    (Blur - Song 2)
    Une civilisation perdue
    Au fond d'un puits
    Creusé au plus profond
    D'une planète enchantée
    Je danse avec des loups
    Des biches et des elfs
    Dans la forêt
    Paisible et enchantée

    (A lost civilization
    At the bottom of a well
    dug deep
    From an enchanted planet
    I dance with wolves
    Deer and elfs
    In the forest
    Peaceful and enchanted)

    (Melody's Echo Chamber - Cross My Heart)
    Why is the default poop (officially, the "pile of poo") emoji always represented as happy? Does it know something the rest of us don't?

    We're setting the clocks back an hour tonight. Because humans can't stand waking up in the morning and going to work in the dark. Or something like that.

    Humans are insane.
    Just a note for future reference: Sipping raspberry-flavored water right after a cup of coffee is not a great flavor combo.
    When I'm awake and I look around me
    I can faithfully record everything that I see
    Most of my memories tend to be sad
    So I wish I could remember the dream that I had

    (They Might Be Giants - I Can't Remember the Dream)
    Izod/Lacoste alligator with Loki horns? o_O

    {ETA} Okay, I get it now. It's just my general fail at pop culture {/ETA}
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