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Sep 20, 2018
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New politicians are starting to take up their positions after the November elections. Big changes are coming to Georgia, and the good ole boys are not going to like it. For example, in Athens Georgia the previous mayor did not even run over complaints that she was too cozy with Republicans. Four new commissioners have been elected. One of the recent commissioners was sworn in over a copy of Malcolm X's autobiography.

Parker, a hip-hop artist and a UGA graduate student, narrowly edged former UGA football player Taylor Pass to claim the District 2 seat. Parker took her oath of office on a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X and has vowed to work for racial justice and more criminal justice reform in her term.
This is part of Stacey Abrams' impact. She helped get people elected who are going to shake things up. When Georgia turns purple the Republican party is going to be in deep trouble, and it may be happening sooner than was being predicted.