National Emergency Check In

Sredni Eel

In Space, no one can hear you Cha Cha Cha!
Sep 26, 2018
I was safe, but now I'm out of chocolate. I must brave all the MS-13, MS-14, PG-13, NC-17, and THX-1138 gangs roaming the burning streets to hopefully find an abandoned liquor store where rats have not yet eaten all the candy. Hold me, I'm scared.


Heretical Raccoon Skunk with a Rainbow Pootbeam
Sep 20, 2018
Ring Of Fire
Safe to work my arse off on this wonderful Monday morning.

I already live on top of a number of volcanoes, so my cat carrier & bugout bag's been ready for some time.

Kara Spengler

Queer OccupyE9 Sluni-Goon
Sep 20, 2018
SL: November RL: DC
Of course any true Southerner would only recognize a hockey stick as a weapon to use to retrieve their hot sauce.
I am still laughing at when I ordered something 'hot' in a Thai place and was asked 'thai hot or american hot'. Other countries have better ideas of what 'hot' means, in both usages of the word. For example, Finnish armies build saunas before other structures.