National Emergency Check In

Soen Eber

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Sep 20, 2018
I am watching from my bunker - one I had imported especially from Albania, with camo netting, and using specialized, non-reflecting glasses to observe and not reveal my hiding place. LIstening to NPR but on very low volume so as to not attract attention. Atmosphere is hushed, quiet as if everyone is expecting something, something big, something momentous.

There is a stillness to the air. Far away, circus music is playing. While it is not getting any louder at this precise moment, it lends an eiry air to my surroundings, and I am nervous.

Signing off.
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Jopsy Pendragon

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Sep 20, 2018
Hillcrest, San Diego, CA
Here, 20miles from Tijuana, I've made a dozen reports to the sheriff's office and a handful of 911 calls in the last year or two. A number greater than all the reports filed in the prior 20 years of living in the same place.

None of which involved a perpetrator that looked sounded or acted like they might have come from Mexico, or would willingly have anything to do with someone who was.

Building a wall won't give them jobs, won't protect neighborhoods from them, won't treat their mental illnesses or drug addiction or chronic unemployability.

So, as far as national emergencies and humanitarian crisises go, dunderhead rumpface, as usual, is facing the wrong direction.


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Sep 20, 2018
Limburg, NL
OMG, San Francisco may be gone soon! A giant flaming ball of light has appeared in the sky, just hovering over us! WHAT IS THIS THING?!

It's pretty terrifying, so I think I'll take next week off to enjoy monitor it. :cool:
We had the same phenomenon yesterday and today!!!
And it is predicted that it will be there again tomorrow.
The earth is warming up quickly, we had 17C today and that mid winter, this high up North..... Trump was right afterall.
Time for some emergency measures: I'm low on ice cream and ice tea.