Black Dragon Viewer

Eli KittyWitch

New member
Dec 15, 2018
I was just giving an example of how I've seen one viewer do it. Catznip can do it, and so can Lumiya.

I just can't make all of them silent. I have a few that I really want to pay attention to. But others I need silent, and some I want to be able to decide to participate in or not.

If I can make it to one of those MTL I can ask them about the feature. But it's something I've just taken for granted as existing, I've always avoided the LL viewer because it's just not as good as the alternatives.

NiranV Dean

Dividing By Zero
Sep 24, 2018
Yea i see. In that case i'd disagree with how "everyone" does it. I'll hopefully not forget to mention it on today's meeting, see what LL has to say about it now.