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Dec 24, 2018
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Speaking of which: Usagimimi Gynoid (Beatrix)

Tattoos are a bit odd for cyberpunk, but they're what I have for now...

Latex V-Suit -- Graves, G90 White Body
Collar/Cuffs -- Graves, G90 White Body*
Turquise Swimsuit -- Berdave Marine (freebies w/ boat)
Tattoo -- Adrea McKay, Aedicina Tattoo
Hands/Feet - Apricot Paws, Handy Paws & Feety Peets**
Eyeshadow - M.O.C.K., Makeup Pewter Glimmer 2
Lipstick - [mock], Bonjour Matte Lipstick [Robots in Disguise Blue]
Guns - *BREACH* - Eightball
"Good" Eye - {Okaie} Dazzle Eye L [Silver]
Cybernetic Eye - Personal
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Cookie Mesh Hair ("Iceberg" w/ tint and glow)
Spinal Implants - Personal
Whiskers/Teeth - Personal
Ears/Tail - [M.O.R], Rabbit parts
Shape - Personal
Skin - Nomine Papillon China - nude

*Modified, retextured, and with Opencollar/BrightCuffs scripts added

**Feet/Hands are not techinally supported for the system AV, I used
shoebase and alpha from a Slink demo and had to do lots of shape tweaking.

Windlight: Phototools Dorm Light 01
Pose: X Mas, Misty Waves
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Genuine Imitation Riku Android
Sep 24, 2018
SL Rez
Meanwhile, I guess I should actually show off my continued work on updating my non-character based AV that I use for wandering around SL in general without being aggressively anime. Been experimenting with creating a better redhead through materials.

Body: Maitreya Lara + HIME*DREAM's Milk tone for Omega-compatable bodies. + Encore's Maitreya Nail appliers - Shades
Head: M4 Venus + HIME*DREAM's Kumiko Milk tone + +SOMALI+ eyes and eyelashes from MOD 1 for M3 Venus.
Hair: Ayashi's Mitsuko hair, modded with materials.
Coat: FashionNatic's Alba Parka
Shirt: Blueberry Tank Top
Shorts & Belt: L&B Swear Denim Shorts
Rings: PKC Mixed Bento Rings
Necklace: ~FF~ USB Necklace
(not pictured) Stockings: Glutz' Peeptoe Stocking appliers
(not pictured) Boots: Razor/// Insulated Junkers - Bane