1. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai - Gaia Hair Accessories

    New for the new hair (and related things) event, Salon 52. These flapper inspired and elven approved hair accessories come with a texture HUD (2x4 colours: silver, gold, rosé and black) and in various pre-adjusted versions (front left and front right, double back, top 1 and top 2). They...
  2. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai - Trista Earrings

    Detailed vintage earrings, goth style Three metal colours included: black, gold and silver 100 % original mesh Currently only available at The Darkness, after the event at the mainstore and on marketplace.
  3. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai Hair: Vera, Lynn and Rosa

    1950s rockabilly-ish vintage hairstyle Comes in 5 8-colour-packs (blonds, browns, reds, white/greys/blacks and unicorn). Lynn comes with a variation of hat-details Rosa has less curls, but plenty of roses (5 colours) Materials enabled, a non-material version is included. Non-rigged, 100 %...