1. EmpressOfCommunism

    G&D Schwartz Radio 1920s/30s

    BRAND NEW mesh radios! Another lovingly created original mesh radio set made with unprecedented quality from our designers here and Glitter & Doom. Designed for 1920s Berlin, you can feel safe in the historical accuracy of...
  2. Tiffy Vella

    Eclectica Anodised Aluminium Kitchen Accessories

    These items are copy and mod friendly, and unscripted. They are original mesh, unique to Eclectica, made with love by Tiffy Vella. This pack includes a set of 5 anodised aluminium saucepans in descending scale (1 LI ea), and a set of 3-in-1 saucepans ( for boiling the "3-veg" in, of course...
  3. EmpressOfCommunism

    G&D VEF Russian Spy Radios

    The most extensive and well made cold war era spy radios in all of Secondlife! Brought you by our new guest designer Monochromereflections Resident and myself. First, the sound: There are three sound variants. The first variant is a kind of "Russian Medley" with USSR propaganda, Number...
  4. Persephone Meads

    Umbrella Poodle Maitreya Dress

    This fitted mesh dress for women is designed for use with Maitreya and Slink brands of mesh bodies. It comes in several standard sizes for each of those brands of mesh bodies and is copiable. "Like" Persephone's Grove on Facebook to stay informed of new releases --...
  5. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai - Gaia Hair Accessories

    New for the new hair (and related things) event, Salon 52. These flapper inspired and elven approved hair accessories come with a texture HUD (2x4 colours: silver, gold, rosé and black) and in various pre-adjusted versions (front left and front right, double back, top 1 and top 2). They...
  6. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai - Trista Earrings

    Detailed vintage earrings, goth style Three metal colours included: black, gold and silver 100 % original mesh Currently only available at The Darkness, after the event at the mainstore and on marketplace.
  7. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai Hair: Vera, Lynn and Rosa

    1950s rockabilly-ish vintage hairstyle Comes in 5 8-colour-packs (blonds, browns, reds, white/greys/blacks and unicorn). Lynn comes with a variation of hat-details Rosa has less curls, but plenty of roses (5 colours) Materials enabled, a non-material version is included. Non-rigged, 100 %...