G&D Schwartz Radio 1920s/30s

G&D Schwartz Radio 1920s/30s

BRAND NEW mesh radios! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GD-Schwartz-Radio-1920s30s/17520207

Another lovingly created original mesh radio set made with unprecedented quality from our designers here and Glitter & Doom.
Designed for 1920s Berlin, you can feel safe in the historical accuracy of this set. There is Art Deco Flair tempered with a conservative colour palette to fit in the strictest historical areas. However, it can also belong anywhere, especially in your own home.

The audio has been curated to bring you a selection of hits from 1926 to 1932. There is also a VERY RARE audio sample of a radio station's special day in 1930. This has been harmoniously blended with the songs to give a real sense of listening to the radio at any point in these years.

There is also an easy-peezy parcel audio version, you can add your own stream url in the config notecard.

Please try the demo.

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