G&D VEF Russian Spy Radios

G&D VEF Russian Spy Radios

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The most extensive and well made cold war era spy radios in all of Secondlife! Brought you by our new guest designer Monochromereflections Resident and myself.

First, the sound: There are three sound variants.
The first variant is a kind of "Russian Medley" with USSR propaganda, Number stations, and classic patriotic songs. These have been selected, remixed, and stitched together with love and care for a high quality, realistic experience. A journey back in time to 1969. Plays when touched, brand new low lag script(though this does depend on simulator load and your internet connection).

The second sound variant is the "Random Sounds".
This plays a selection of 10 second clips from Russian and Soviet number stations. No other number station product in SL has such a survey! Every known Russian number station in existence, from the 1960s to 2019, is included. Some have multiple voice versions. There is a variety of languages. These have been picked out from recordings under the gaze of experts in the Shortwave radio field with a combined 10 year experience in listening to and tracking Spy Number Broadcasts.

The third audio variant is a familiar parcel radio for your home, shop or club. It uses a reliable script with a customizable congratulation note card.Perfect for a mid century home, or a rusted old bunker!

Next, the mesh and textures:
No templates or bought meshes have been used in this product. It was torn down and rebuilt from Monochromereflections original idea as can be seen on her IMVU store. It has been 100% optimized for SL and is unique to our store. Accept no imitations!

The textures were done by hand referencing the original model. Shading and shine materials were added for realism. No photo sourcing or substance painter presets - this is hand painted quality. The clean version has a sleek feel, and the grunge gives a foreboding aura of having been found in an abandoned building.

What are you waiting for? This is great for everything from roleplay enhancing decor and ambiance, to a unique conversation piece. Try the demo today!
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