Eclectica Anodised Aluminium Kitchen Accessories

Eclectica Anodised Aluminium Kitchen Accessories

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These items are copy and mod friendly, and unscripted. They are original mesh, unique to Eclectica, made with love by Tiffy Vella.

This pack includes a set of 5 anodised aluminium saucepans in descending scale (1 LI ea), and a set of 3-in-1 saucepans ( for boiling the "3-veg" in, of course, 1LI). They have characteristic bakelite handles and vintage anodised lids. They are separate items and may be arranged/stacked however you wish. There is a baked shadow prim on each that may be unlinked and deleted if you wish.

There are 5 related sets to help make your kitchen more comfy-

You may see these 'in the round' by visiting the Eclectica Mainstore, Sinaburoe.
Tiffy Vella
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