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    Yay! May you live in interesting times

    May you get a run in your last pair of pantyhose before work because you forgot to trim your toenails.
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    QAnon Corner -- Where one goes bonkers, we all go bonkers

    Back in the day when someone distorted reality this severely, it was known as delusions and psychotic. Can't diagnose someone from a distance but this type of thinking is clearly not normal in touch with reality. The entire conspiracy movement reminds me of a folie a thousands (folie a deux is...
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    Prosecutions / Fixing things

    Can't seem to wrap my head around the interrogation today about the Capitol insurrection. Namely: how is it accepted that Cruz and Hawley get to grill the FBI director rather than recuse?? Foxes in the henhouse with no consequences, yet again.
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    This winters' infrastructure catastrophe in Texas

    That was merely an accident of a Canada goose as wingman for a flamingo, flying over a vacant lot somewhere in the far North. That nullifies Cancun Charlie's hypocritical citizenship imho. Also, stain removal will ensue after fumigation complete.
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    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is having none of your sh*t

    I just love her. What a difference decency, truth, and no-nonsense calm make. Master Class for the likes of Spicer, Sarah, Grisham and Mcaninny.
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    Happy Birthday Cris.

    Very belated Birthday wishes! Sowwy and hope you had a wonderful one.:balloons:❤🧁
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    Coup in the USA?

    I've never voted for a Tory and never will. Seems to be a penchant they all have for cutting health care, nurses, mental health supports, poverty and homelessness supports, basically majority of integral social networks and programs that help keep people alive. I've always identified them in...
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    Coup in the USA?

    I think he found T's yellow-orange spray paint and somehow slurped it all over his face. That shade seems to intensify the goony grampa chatter nonsense.
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    WTF Sh*t's F*cked Up and Bullsh*t - a "Who Cares" thread for news

    Four years seems so grossly minimal for the traumatic damage this monster inflicted - sexual, physical, emotional. It doesn't even begin to address his level of dangerousness. At his current age, I'd bet tons that she is not his first victim nor his last. So repeat danger is likely here.
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    Yay! Biden/Harris WIN

    Absolutely breathtaking crescendo to a most magnificent day and the start of a new history.
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    Taking Out The Trash - The Trump Nightmare Has Ended

    Redacted, by Sharpie. 🖍 Edited to clarify: (Trump, not your post oops!)
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    Yay! Biden/Harris WIN

    Today has reignited a joyful feeling in my heart, for America, for my neighbours, for Canada, for the world. I cannot help but feel that we rejoice in this wonderful day of renewal together, despite the pains, grieving and struggles still ahead. Hope has risen again.
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    #BYEDON 2020 - The End Better Fucking Be Near

    He truly is a recalcitrant fibspinner and troublemaker, isn't he?
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    Trump needs to leave or be removed

    Perhaps he considered his 'bribery is thick with rats and thieves' upcoming Pardon as payment enough for services rendered? 🤔
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    Coup in the USA?

    I would suggest a Motion for Library de Coiffure sans Combs in the windy reaches of the heaving mid Atlantic.