virtual reality

  1. bubblesort

    Nobody cares about VR/AR/MR

    There's a lot happening in the VR/AR/MR space this year, so I thought I'd start a nobody cares thread for all the little things that might be flying under the radar. Since around Dec/Jan, I've been hearing rumblings from the VR/AR community that there are some exciting things happening. I...
  2. bubblesort

    What would SL smell like? Interview with OVR founder about adding scent to VR

    OVR is trying to make technology that will let you smell things in VR. I think this is probably vaporware, but if it's real, it's a terrible idea. I really don't want to smell the average SL user, especially the average SL user after they have been locked down for months, LOL
  3. Brenda Archer

    VR gets reality check with decline in investment

    VR Gets Reality Check with Significant Decline in Investment - Los Angeles Times This is uncomfortably similar to what happened to the Second Life hype cycle and I think the underlying problem may be similar and not just a question of the hardware.