1. Penny Patton

    One AO to Rule Them All?

    It occurred to me today that I am wearing Five AOs. Five. Two for my Bento head. One for my Bento hands. One for my Bento tail. And, of course, my regular walk/stand/sit/etc AO. Has anyone made a low-script AO to handle all of the bento additions? Is it even possible given the variety of Bento...
  2. Anya Ristow

    state of SL avatar, skin, clothing

    I'm going to continue the SLU discussion on mesh bodies, skin and clothing here, if that's okay. First, the Mesh Body Addicts site should be mentioned at the top of this thread, since it's awesome. There's a FAQ about Mesh Bodies and Heads and Mesh Bodies 101: Mesh Bodies for Beginners...