White Mesh Interactive Kitchen

White Mesh Interactive Kitchen

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La Galleria
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La Galleria Dinner Party Kitchen


*Top cabinets with vintage etched glass inset into the doors. Includes open/close option
*Three countertop choices.
*Under cabinet lighting
*Large refrigerator with choice of food
*stove top features gas burners
*overhead rack keeps the copper pots and pans handy.
*A tea table stands ready for you to serve your guests.
*The huge island can rez all manner of foods and guests can sit right there and chat with you as you cook or bake.

Many items rez from counters and shelves, no need to place them.

The food preparation island, which includes chopping and stirring animations, includes:

* fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans
* enchiladas, guacamole, salsa
* salad
* cheesecake
* sauce for lasagna (none of that bottled stuff!)
* assembling the lasagna
* pizza
* chocolate chip cookies
* ham dinner

The oven includes:

* ham dinner
* lasagna sauce
* lasagna
* shrimp scampi with rice
* fried chicken and mashed potatoes
* enchiladas, beans, & rice
* bacon and eggs
* pizza
* deviled eggs
* cinnamon rolls
* cookies and cocoa
* baked potatoes
* dinner rolls
* french bread
* cheesecake
* tea kettle for the range
* and you can grill steaks

Items available to serve:

* muffins, coffee, and honey
* croissants, jam, and coffee
* toast, tea, and jam
* pizza
* tray of veggies and fruit
* cheese and crackers w/ wine
* chips and salsa w/ Margaritas,
* cup of steaming cafe au lait with cinnamon rolls,
* tea and macaroons
* cocoa and cookies fresh from the oven
* when you are not cooking display a bowl of fruit, orchid or a vase with flowers


Included: Tea and Toast with Jam, Tea and Macaroons, Coffee and Croissants with Jam, Muffins and Honey with Coffee.


* Black and steel ovens - mesh with singles and couples animations
* Black and steel built-in refrigerators with mesh food inside. Animation included
* Steel and Ivory Sinks with washing dishes animations
* Copyable matching stool - mesh
* Cabinetry that rezzes food items from the bottom and hanging mugs or wine glasses from the shelves above.
* Kitchen Knife Holder
* Shelf with plate rail and hanging cups - mesh
* Copyable kitchen valance with nine texture change menu - mesh
* Herb Racks -- for wall or counter Mesh
* Cappuccino / Espresso Maker
* Toaster (rezzes toast, bagels, waffles)
* Copyable hanging mini-lights for above island and/or sink
* Hanging lights
* 2 Wine racks with wine bottles.
* 4 Festive Mixing Bowls
* Mesh framed peaches and mug painting
* Optional copy- mod walls
* Liquid soap dispenser
* 3 potted herbs - mesh
* herbs in wood planter - mesh
* 4 pewter canisters - mesh
* Canister of utensils
* Set of three pasta-filled glass canisters
* Rolling pin
* Hanging kitchen utensils Mesh
* Three baskets
* 2 Cookbooks - mesh
* Hanging dried herbs
* Flowering sculpted vine in pot
* salt pepper mills - Mesh
* checkered floor
* Bread Box MESH
* Cutting Board w Knife
* Framed Kitchen Pictures Linked
*Hanging Light Bronze - Touch for light
*Herbs in Marble Cube Planters x3
*La Galleria Wall Clock Chef Kitchen- Touch to set time
* Bowl of Artichokes
* Bananas in Sling
* Herbs in Vintage Cans
* Rooster w Chicken Pepper and Salt shakers

The base kitchen by itself is about 80 prims, not counting the items that rez or the accessories listed above.

For your convenience, a copy of the kitchen, island, oven, refrigerator and many accessories are coalesced (but not linked) into one object called "KITCHEN GROUP- (name of kitchen) (Coalesced)" -- it is about 165 prims.
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