1. bubblesort

    How to Bake Specular in Blender...

    I am getting back into using blender lately, and one resource I always used when I was using Blender before was a thread on SLU about how to bake specular. It looks like the thread didn't survive the domain name change, but I pulled it up on the wayback machine. You can see it here. If you...
  2. Chalice Yao

    Great Blender Addons

    Promptly inspired by the Blender News thread, I've figured it might be a good idea to collect a showcase of great and neat Blender Addons, no matter if free or for purchase. Additions to the thread welcome! -- Avastar 2.7*: Yes 2.8: In Development Free: No ( 11000 $L or ~40 Dollars) Most SL...
  3. Cristiano

    Blender Guru Tutorials On YouTube

    Excellent Youtube channel for learning Blender: Blender Guru