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    Ideas to Increase Snapzilla Usage

    The newer look is harder to see, comment and like photos that others have posted than the older look was. Everything seems to take more clicks than the old UI. The second is no more picmonkey and simple editing or filters. Those two made Snapzilla less attractive in my opinion. Can we get...
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    Black Dragon Viewer

    Thak you Very much Niran :D
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    Black Dragon Viewer

    thank you Niran.. they appear in the drop down list, but when I click on one of them the settings do not change to the new settings. I dont think there are special characters in the names - I will try and send you the presets thank you
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    Black Dragon Viewer

    I found the graphic quick preset drop down menu items I made from 3.6.9 were not working . Before I delete them and do a clean install - is that a known issue with this build? Thanks - I am enjoying the new version.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    BABYMETAL new song PA PA YA!!
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    Robobears and Rabbicorn Bryn Oh's Rabbicorn story at Immersiva
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    WTF LOL! Please check out the SL blog

    The increase in premium annual fee is not trivial. OK, they significantly kept it just below the $100. If LL were to increase the L$300/week stipend to compensate I would be a lot happier. The decrease in groups and offline IMs for basic is going to hurt too. Would it cause people to stop...
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    What rez systems do you use and for what?

    Has anyone else used the Kool Rezzer system?
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    Yay! Tried plane flying last night..

    Flying in SL is a lot of fun :D
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    What is your earliest memory of Second Life?

    It was early 2007 listening to NPR's Science Friday and hearing about avatars sending in questions in real time.