Wow, Sansar has dramatically improved


Sep 19, 2018
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I've been checking back in to Sansar periodically, the last time being when they first added the new home space that you sign into. Since then, they seem to have been making some really meaningful changes tha have noticeably improved the experience, especially the social aspects of the platform. Today I spent a little time exploring the new social hub, and honestly it reminded me of a much larger scale version of SL welcome areas (in a good way). Simple things like being able to run, jump and also click to sit down on furniture, along with menus to quickly find places to go, modify your avatar, find events, etc.. really, go a long way toward making Sansar not feel like a museum of pretty, lifeless experiences. I definitely plan on spending a lot more time checking it out in the future.

Here are some screen shots I took. One thing that really impressed me was that a mesh tshirt I had initially did not fit my avatar right, but there was a button to adjust it that ran a cloth simulator and it flowed correctly on my avatar. I tried all of this just in the desktop version, not in VR (Sansar was already impressive in VR). I think LL is finally making meaningful improvements and shaping Sansar into something to watch.
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