Who the frak is this guy, and--oh, never mind....


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Sep 21, 2018
SL Rez
I logged on to Twitter yesterday and saw that Logan Paul was trending. When I saw what that idiot had apparently done now I logged off. Yuck.
Today I logged on and saw someone called "Nickado Avocado" was trending. I looked to see who the hell that was. The answer, apparently, is "one sadistic MFer."

I think cancel culture is kind of ridiculous, but if anyone deserves to be cancelled, this guy does.

I've never cared for talking heads on any media. I prefer music or entertainment. So it baffles me that these assholes have such audiences. Is it like watching a car crash or something?
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Sep 20, 2018
Brooklyn, NY
Oof, yeah, Nikocado is a narcissistic weirdo who used to be vegan and then dropped that to do mukbangs videos of the most DISGUSTANG order. Dude constantly cheats on his husband (and even made a vid about it WITH his husband, wtf), manipulates other folks with eating disorders, and is basically an all around mess.
So yeah, he needed to be cancelled like yesterday.