What is your earliest memory of Second Life?

Sep 22, 2018
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I saw a BBC website article on Second Life. Wow! VR Worlds, that sounds interesting. I actually made an Active Worlds account on Fri. 12 Oct 2007. Spent some time in there, then went to look at this Second Life thing. I had a sense of this Hidden VR world that nobody had told me about ! Made my account in the wee small hours of the 13th, then arrived on Orientation Island. I thought that you had to complete all the tasks before you progressed in forward in SL. So I did. Faffed around Help Island for half an hour. Then got dumped at the Korea2 Infohub. Spent 2 days TP'ing around the grid using my "home" infohub and Help Island Public as my homebase.

On Monday, the 15th I typed "Newbie Help" into search and landed at NCI. They actually gave me a clue about what to do in SL. I rented from a few days in, bought land in early 2008. Owned half a sim for nearly 5 years. Sold it due to ill health. In and out of SL for the last few years.

Interesting twist was, that I HAD heard of SL ... In 2002/2003. A documentary about virtual worlds on TV. They mentioned the soon to be launched Second Life. I had completely forgotten about it. I daresay I would have created an account long before 2007 if I had recalled watching the program.

Conifer Dada

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Jan 10, 2019
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Sometime during the first half of 2006 I saw a feature on BBC News about Second Life. The reporter made an avatar of herself which was not a bad likeness, given the simpler graphics SL had at that time. I thought then that I'd like to give it a try. I found the SL website but couldn't figure out how to get in-world from it. Anyway, I left it for a few months and then for some reason I gave it another try in September 2006. This time I got as far as realising you had to download a viewer and log in from that! My first steps in-world were confused and disappointing but something kept me going and I'm still here after over 12 amazing years! I can't remember whether or not I registered an account for my original unsuccessful attempt. If I did, I have no idea what it's name or password was.

Brenda Archer

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Sep 21, 2018
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I had read an article about Tringo and the idea of a game that could be used to make a game was interesting. But instead of learning scripting, I volunteered to take over a group, Bisexuals in Second Life, and spent the next years enjoying myself being sociable. When my health started to go down, I had to give away the group.

Now I have broadband again and I’m back. I have an old netbook with an old Seagate drive but this works well enough to log in, see quite a lot and dress up. I mostly hang out now sailing.

The group made a good sample to watch activity level in SL rise and fall. My old friends list tells the tale of what happened to the early SL people - most of them either gone or logging in rarely.

But I have broadband again so I’m back, logging in once in a while.

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Sep 20, 2018
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What is your earliest memory of Second Life such as how you heard of it?

As I recall (it's been so long) I saw a mention of Second Life buried in the comments of some article on Slashdot. Then shortly thereafter there was a front page article on their site about Second Life. Back then Slashdot was a major site for technically related stuff (still around but a shell of its former self). I got inspired to call Linden Lab and tell them the news. Someone answered the phone and said just a second. She told Philip "We made Slashdot!" and there was a cheer.
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