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Sep 19, 2018
Portland, OR
It's fun learning about how some songs evolved. Bad is Bad is most famous as a song from Huey Lewis and the News on their Sports album in 1983. My favorite version for decades was by Dave Edmunds in 1979. That album credits Hugh Lewis as a writer and as playing harmonica. Yesterday someone pointed me to a 1977 recording of the song from Clover, a band Huey Lewis was in. It is a somewhat more bluesy version. Here are all three.

Sep 19, 2018
Portland, OR
NSFW (in a kind of nice way imo)

Why don't we just fuck instead?
Let's put some new things on the bed
I figured I could always use a little head
So why don''t we just fuck instead?

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Sep 20, 2018
Limburg, Netherlands
I learned to enjoy, even when alone with Christmas for years in a row now.

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Sep 20, 2018
Just found out that Anoushka Shankar will be performing in Atlanta in the Spring.... must rearrange schedule.....

Sep 19, 2018
Portland, OR
Oh god. Really not safe for work in a death metal kind of way with the emphasis on death (and lunch)

Hello grandma how do you like it
Lying in the tub through disembolwed
Can you remember you always compeled me to eat
And if I wasn't hungry you gave me the sticky
Now I am hungry but please don't bother
You don't have to cook because you are my lunch
Maybe the flesh is a little stingy
It doesn't matter it's good for my teeth
Your big strong hands
With all their swollen vessels
I'll keep in memory
Of the many slaps
Your brain with eggs and vegetables
I think that will taste bloody delicious
Now there's only one thing you can do
Grandma wish me jolly good

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