Wendell Potter, former health insurance exec, debunks health care "choice"

Zaida Gearbox

Sep 23, 2018
Choice? What fucking choice? I have to take what my fucking employer offers because as shitty as it is - it's better and more affordable than anything I could get from the exchange.

Did you guys know that some employers/insurance companies now penalize you if you cover your spouse on your insurance - because they want your spouse to get insurance from their own employer. But, what if my spouse lost their job? Fuck you. What if my spouse is a stay at home parent? REALLY fuck you. What if my insurance is just better than what their employer offers? Too fucking bad.

Oh and when I worked for the state of VA - I covered Spawn under employee plus one. Apparently that's not fucking allowed. If the extra person you're covering is a kid - you HAVE to take a family plan because well - fuck you. That's why. And it's not just my shit employer. I have friend in NC who recently got married who's been railing about it as well.


an old grumpy cat
Jul 30, 2019
SL Rez
Oh and Brits - your NHS might not be perfect but PLEASE do not let the Torries fuck you out of it. Seriously.
Looks like only the English and Welsh are in immediate danger, the rest of Brits already seem to have initiated their backup plans...
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