Yay! Try Something New and Post About It Here (SL Edition)

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Oct 29, 2018
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New to you, new thing in the world, something you like IRL that you discovered can also be done in SL (especially if you recommend it), something you like to do in SL that you do not/cannot do IRL...etc.
Please keep descriptions (and photos) PG-13/somewhat general in nature if regarding adult topics. :loveflag:

Mine currently:
1. Star Wars RP, I’m still getting into it but unless someone rezzes a dozen killer droids at once, I actually did not die instantly or quickly like I do in most games so it is holding my interest for longer than a day.
2. Roma Chariot Racing, I have GOT to get a gif/film of a chariot blowing apart, too funny!
3. Madpea Monster Hunt...more fun than I thought it would be, to host monsters as well as hunt them.
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