Toward 2020

Kara Spengler

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Sep 20, 2018
SL: November RL: DC
I really feel the opposite.

No matter who runs against him, the attacks will be the same. Besides, not only did HRC get a comfortable majority, the midterms showed women having high approval.

I hate to put things in misogynistic terms, but -
Government is a mess right now. If it has to be explained that we're perfectly fine with men leading government as soon as women have had time to clean up the mess, so be it.

I have every intention of giving a female candidate higher priority right now. Preferring Harris myself, but any of them that wants to run, should. Her and Warren both should be able to get support from most Democrats in the end, even if either looks like they're taking hits from skeptics now. As capable as Biden is, I think Democrats are ready to bypass the older white guys.
Yes. If there are two otherwise equal candidates for something except that one is a woman or minority that is who I will vote for.

Kara Spengler

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Sep 20, 2018
SL: November RL: DC
I think that focusing on identity alone is a mistake. I am a policy person. I don't care if it comes from an old white guy, a young woman of color, or a trans person of any stripe. It's wonderful to make history, but history is not enoughif they won't make meaningful moves on healthcare, climate change, etc. Biden is capable but if he takes the wrong policy positions (and in a couple of areas I think he would, thus my objection), then he should go. But his white maleness should not be a disqualifier alone.
For me I am not using identity politics. My position is if my decision is basically a coin flip anyway it is a tie breaker.

Kaimi Kyomoon

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Oct 12, 2018
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Not Beto. He voted against a ban on fracking in the Gulf, voted to defang Dodd-Frank. If he really is the "white Obama" he will also put Social Security and Medicare on the table in some "Grand Bargain." All he is is cute. Nah, hard pass.
I agree. I was trying to say that at this point there aren't a lot of white males out there who I'd vote for. Beto's main selling point is that he isn't Ted Cruz.

Kara Spengler

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Sep 20, 2018
SL: November RL: DC
Why would anyone pay attention to a reply talking about Bernie when it uses Pepe?

I have to admit being a bit torn. His policies align with where I come from (nordic countries) while hers work within the systems we already have in the US. It is basically choosing between an ideal and a practical reality, with both people great at their respective approaches.

It is still way to early to tell for sure however my hope is they will not wind up running against each other. Between them they could split the progressive part of the left and we could have another HRC clone taking on donnie. Bernie would serve his goals better if he was her running mate or took a position within her administration. Even as a campaign surrogate with promises to support his platform from Warren.

That reminds me, I should talk to my sister, who is up in NH, about what she thinks about all this since she was also at a Bernie rally (and her and my niece even wound up on stage behind him).

Porsupah Ree

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Oct 6, 2018
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Encouraging reading:

Ahead of 2020, progressive policy ideas are redefining what it means to be a mainstream Democrat

You can see this shiftin one important number: the number of Democrats proudly calling themselves liberal.
  • Gallup saidyesterday that 51% of Democrats self-describe as liberal, a new high "following gradual increases since the 1990s."
  • In 1992,when Clinton first won, 25% self-identified as liberal, 25% as conservative and the rest as moderate.
Jon Favreau,the former Obama adviser and now Pod Save Americastar, said people "want ideas that are commensurate with the size of the challenges we’re facing."
  • "No more incrementalism. No more warmed-over white paper bullshit. It’s go big or go home."
  • "When I was working on ''The Wilderness' [documentary], I spoke to Obama-Trump voters and Obama voters who didn’t vote in '16, and both groups were highly favorable toward ideas like Medicare for All, big infrastructure spending, and a $15 minimum wage."
It does include a quote from a dissenter, which I find rather amusing, deeming Sanders to be "far left". ^_^;