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Oct 29, 2018
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Who is touring that you will (or hope to) go see?
What was your last live that you enjoyed?
What has been your most epic show to date?

My last lives...Marilyn Manson, the Kansas City Symphony

Upcoming...Peter Murphy Official Site (have tix, praying for decent driving weather)

Most epic...when Emilie Autumn played an acoustic pre-show set on her violin for her vips. Very small, not really hyped but really amazing. Considering her fandom is a trash fire, this was something very good.
Tie for most epic...hearing dir en grey play live, Kyo’s a small club.
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Sep 23, 2018
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Can't possibly list all of the harp and fiddle and dulcimer and hurdy-gurdy house concerts and such.

The last live big production solo show we saw was Diana Ross in B'ham no, I tell a lie, it was Bette Midler in Chicago.

Allison Moyet. Keep saying we're going to do that. Might have to be post-retirement.
Sep 19, 2018
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My big disapointment recently was a show from Southern Culture on the Skids in Philadelphia last month. My best friend flew from Portland to see me and the show, and my 2nd best friend from Kentucky was here too. Unfortunately SCOTS are from the south and canceled due to the hurricane.

My most epic show was The Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers in 1973 (I think). 100,000 people in RFK stadium in DC. I was only 15. My dad took me. The show went on till 6 am but we had to leave around 9 pm because my dad had to drive me home 3 hours away. A side note is Doug Sahm was supposed to be the opening act. I love his music and have always wondered how his band could have missed a show like that.
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Sep 19, 2018
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Just got tickets for that Peter Murphy/David J tour.

Saw the first Bauhaus reunion tour, an amazing show. I've seen Peter Murphy four times, Love & Rockets twice, and Poptone once.

Another great reunion tour was the last time the original members of Gang of 4 toured (the current act only has one original member).

Also among my epic shows was the second-to-last Oingo Boingo tour (88?). Last tine they brought a horn section. Played three hours, no breaks.

Last live show was The Birthday Massacre last night. First time I saw them they opened for Emilie Autumn. I ended up walking out on her set since it was the exact same thing she did on the previous tour, which was all canned music. She can play an amazing live show, but I have yet to see it. After an energetic live act for the opener, it was disappointing to say the least.

And speaking of amazing openers for questionable headliners, perhaps the best live set I have seen was Shriekback in 85 (with, of course, the bass player from Gang of 4) who opened a fairly weak set from Simple Minds (they played a number of decent 5-minute album tracks stretched out to 10 boring minute live numbers before they played the song everyone was there to hear: Don't You Forget About Me).