LOL! The War That Existed Only In Rabid Right Wing Snowflakes' Minds is declared to be won


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Sep 21, 2018
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Well, here it is the day, and no matter what Eric Rump thinks, the war's not over.
The war that's on is not the one he or Fox mean, though. It's trolls out there industriously trying to shit up the Christmas of anyone who's been critical of Cheetoführer, or wishes a Merry Christmas to anyone he doesn't like (Obama, Greta Thunberg, etc).
I guess they don't mind that war.
In the real world, the made-up war has had the effect of dampening any holiday greeting unless it's someone I know the holiday of. I always said happy holidays meaning any holiday at the time. I never had a problem with it until Fox told people to be offended. I haven't run into to many people that get prickly, but one just didn't know who will, so it's off-putting.
Sometimes I just end up helplessly flapping my hands and saying diverging like "happy whatever-you-celebrate". A room full of diverse people, how can you guess?
I don't mind if someone says Merry Christmas to me. Well, I suppose I might if it was a MAGAt trying to provoke a response, but a regular person, I just take it as an expression of good will.
It's not even my holiday, but the trolls trying to ruin it for people who are just wishing good cheer makes me sad.
/End rant

Kara Spengler

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Sep 20, 2018
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The actual war was the one against all the other religious holidays they -stole- to make 'Christmas'.
I was thinking along those lines. Practically everything in their storybook was taken from either a local religion or a previous story. Lots of religions have December holidays, flood stories are common, their Gilgamesh The Retelling, and Easter is an obvious ripoff of Ostara. Yet they are the ones always complaining.