The Shelter is closing


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Feb 22, 2020
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I've just heard from a couple of Shelter volunteers that it's closing at the end of this week. This notice was posted in the Shelter group today.

As I'm sure you will have heard by now The Shelter will be closing it's doors as of Sunday 30th August 2020 8 PM SLT,
The reasons for this are numerous and too lengthy for this note, but it is not all bad news as The Shelter building will be Archived by the Lindens and will remain in world for as long as SecondLife is around

I know a great many of you have considered The Shelter home and I am sorry to all of you, I hope you will continue to enjoy you SecondLife's .
The main Shelter Group will remain in place but no new members will be admitted. The Infra group will be closed down and all members removed

The final Events will be:
Saturday 29th 1 PM Theme Dance
7 PM Pool Party
Sunday 30th 1 PM Voice Sunday
7 PM Formal Dance


Shelter Leadership
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Shadow Pidgeon
According to one of the volunteers I spoke to, at least part of the reason was that a major tier contributor has withdrawn their tier.

At least three of the volunteers are pooling together to open a "tribute" venue on a smaller scale , called the Shelter Lounge, which will be opening at a different location next Monday.


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Sep 23, 2018
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As many of you may have heard, The Shelter was to close after 16 years. Due to an outpouring of concern and support, the Lindens have agreed to cover the tier for Shelter so that we can continue to run as we have for the last 16 years.
We will be closed for a bit to make some minor adjustments and we plan to reopen the first week in October.
A huge "Thank You" to all of the members who sent in tickets and petitions and voiced their dismay! This could not have happened without them.

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Kudos to Linden Lab. SRSLY


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Oct 14, 2018
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How sad! That was the first place I went to in SL after my safe hub. Right away I had people helping me with clothes and animations. Big thanks to them to keeping it up for so long and helping out so many newly hatched AVs.