The music that changed you


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Sep 22, 2018
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Maybe change is a strong way of putting it. But there's definitely been periods in my life where music played an important part, helping me get through, or at least greatly defining my memories of, what was happening at the time.

In the late nineties I was going through a lot, or so it seemed to me. I went away to college. Then I dropped out of college. I moved back home, where I felt very uninvited. Not long after I moved again, for a job in the next state. That put me in shooting distance of Boston, a city that helped me find a whole new part of myself as well as bring in yet more complications.

And then my dad died.

There was a lot of music helping me deal with that, but among the handful of CDs I remember wearing out at the time, a couple were from the Belgian band K's Choice. Not an Addict, Dad, and especially Believe from their newly released (at the time) Cocoon Crash were among the songs that helped me from being overwhelmed by grief, let me keep going to work, maintain my connection with friends and family so the loneliness couldn't creep in. When I think back to that time, Sarah Bettens' vocals are usually ringing in my ears.


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Sep 20, 2018
Cat Country (Can't Stop Here)
Angering through a long shitty period of anxiety and depression with Scandinavian metal as a crutch.

Then onto EBM and gothy stuff.

Let there be, let there always be neverending light.

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Sep 23, 2018
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Two songs that helped get me through a tough time 20 years ago:



Irish Harper
Sep 23, 2018
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Listened to loads of Alan Stivell, thank you Mobile Public Library, coming to terms with my sexuality in my mid-teens:

Then got lost in E. Powers Biggs' organ and harpsichord universe after leaving my first true love because me:

Britannic music and EPB's style still cast floods of emotion through me but in an oddly peaceful way on this side of the timeline.