The End of an Era

Bea McMahon

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Sep 23, 2018
Detroit, Mi.
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For five years, on Wednesday night, at The Cellar Jazz Club, I have been the DJ for USO Night, a classic swing show. It was not a new event when I took it over, but Mora, who co-owns the place, had never found a DJ who really understood what swing was, until I took over.
Attendance has been declining for a while, now, and Mora and Cash, hep partner, have reluctantly decided that its time has passed. Tonight was my last real full swing event. Next week I will do the Christmas show, where I mix in a few period holiday tunes, so it isn't a pure swing show.
I will still be doing classic swing two nights a month for Lewis and Madi at Club Noir, and my Tuesday show at The Cellar, where I play post-war swinging jazz, classic swing, jump blues, and even some very early R&B. (The line between jump blues and early R&B is really thin.)
Still, it was the end of an era, tonight, and there were tears in my eyes when "Take the "A" Train" started.
It was a great run. I learned so much about some great music, and some wonderful, talented musicians who are mostly forgotten, these days.