Splendour XR in Sansar


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Sep 20, 2018
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So there is this music festival called Splendour which is going to be virtual this year in Sansar. There's more information here:

I am kind of on the fence at the idea of trying this thing. The irritating and pointless sliding pricing is probably my biggest turn off though. I'd rather hem haw about it until the last minute, but I am not paying $10+ more because I decided to wait. i only really care about two of the acts anyway, thankfully both on the same day, CHVRCHES and Aurora. It's also not clear for example, how long the sets are, if there are any replays available, etc. I've paid for several virtual concerts, but I'm not real sure about one that might end up being a video on a screen in a 3D world. Hell I'd be more open to just a stream.

Anyway, I figured I'd bring it up since there isn't really much Sansar news.
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