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Sep 19, 2018
Portland, OR
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Oh, why not. I'm no fashion model. I haven't changed my look except for some adjustments in a long time. This is what I could find for the creators . My face is too wide. Lately I noticed the skull was showing through and haven't adjusted it correctly yet.

Shirt is created by Chip Midnight 2004
Skirt is created by Beryl Greenacre 2004
Hair is titled "Cake - Wish - Pecan - Flexi Hair", created by Stumbelina Ophella 2010
Tiara is created by Datura, 2004
Eyes, creator unknown (maybe me with a texture), acquired 2007



Genuine Imitation Riku Android
Sep 24, 2018
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So I decided to do a thing. A work in progress.

Example body: The SLink Physique

Example body: The SLink Hourglass

The panel lines are created using an Omega materials applier I'm working on for LL UV bodies.

I ran into some pitfalls with my Normal map creator because of the quirk of SL's lighting engine being based off of OGL standards instead of something more current, as well as the seams on the LL UV itself. Final steps: Finishing an edit of the head specular (I'm not going to put lines on it, but I will be putting the specular on it).
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