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Oct 16, 2018
I'm jealous of those of you who are talented, have a good computer, and a good connection. When I try for something nice my computer and connection bog down and get so slow and jerky, so I usually don't bother and just take a simple snapshot ;)
There's no need to be jealous. It's not about having a good computer or fast connection. Most of the photos I'm posting were made using my old laptop. It had a crude graphics board that struggled if I even thought of switching to a higher graphics mode or attempting something audacious, like particle effects or shadows. And my connection was so slow, SL sometimes looked like a slideshow.

Some were taken even before windlight or mesh or sculpties or materials or any of the other fancy things we take for granted these days. Just be patient, work with what you've got and let your creativity take over.
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Robert Jung

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Sep 20, 2018
There's no need to be jealous. ... Just be patient, work with what you've got and let your creativity take over.
It may be your *patience that I'm jealous of.

What you say is of course true. Photos can be taken under laggy, 1.5 fps conditions in SL , but the experience can be maddening!

In RL film cameras and good digital cameras don't lag, you just walk around try different angles, adjust some knobs, try different settings, click the shutter and take a photo. The camera *works " and responds quickly like a sports car.. If I want to change the depth of field I just adjust a knob and it changes almost instantly without making me wait! Yay for instant gratification!

In SL it all slows down to a crawl. I can't move the camera in "ultra" so II set the shot up in low graphics , then go to ultra, for the shot. Each time I change a setting ( graphics level, field of view, depth of field etc) the setting lags so if I want to experiment using several diferent settings, I can loose several minutes just waiting for the settings to load. More often tha not I avoid the wait for different settings to load and just take a snapshot.

Lack of patience is my real problem; ... hmm ...maybe I should learn Zen ;)