Servant of the People with Volodymyr Zelensky


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Sep 20, 2018
You've all heard that Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, was an actor and comedian, but did you know that one of his most popular roles was playing.... the President of Ukraine! :LOL:

Well I had to see that for myself, so I've started watching "Слуга народа" - which seems to be translated sometimes as "Servant of the People" and sometimes "Servant of the Nation".

I'm not a big fan of sitcoms, but this one is fairly funny, and Zelensky is a good actor playing a likeable character. It's the story of how a humble high school history teacher unexpectedly became president, so most of the humor so far is about the contrast between life in his working class family and the life of a president, his naiveté about the presidency and so on. But while he's not experienced with government, he's not stupid, and I think as the show goes on he's going to get into some drama with the corrupt politicians and mob bosses - and probably outwit them.

Here's the first two episodes (in Russian with English subtitles)
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