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Oct 21, 2018
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When LL added more land to premium, I jumped in and got a parcel in an adult sim. I paid 3$L/m3, I didn't think about the pricing at the time until after I bought it. Second week there when I could spend more then a few minutes, I noticed rhythmic lag. Been too busy with life so months passed. I finally combed the sim until I found a skybox packed with butterflies. Now that that story is out of the way, I'm looking for a list of breedable names I can punch into object search when i check out potential sims when I move in a few weeks. I'm not really keen on spending a half hour peeking into every sky box if I have a lot of sims to check out. Any suggestions?


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Sep 20, 2018
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Search breedable and variants on marketplace and you'll get a pretty good clue of the main names in the game.

PS: You'll likely have more comeback on this type of annoyance if you rent from a landowner that has exception clauses for breedables and over use of shared resources in their covenants. It's one of the watchouts and choices you make when you buy mainland.

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Sep 23, 2018
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Scan all you want, but on mainland there's nothing preventing this from happening at any moment. The only way to avoid it is renting on a private estate or owning an entire sim.