Repairing a Razer Blade laptop?

Oct 6, 2018
Probably near London or SF
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Any suggestions on where to look for repair info? Somehow, while it was off over the past several weeks, the trackpad button's broken, seemingly permanently "pressed", and I don't really have the space for an external mouse - as a workaround, I'll probably re-enable the touchscreen (which, when it turns off per the idle settings, will sometimes cause the touch sensing to go haywire, resulting in unlimited random phantom presses. The official workaround is indeed disabling the touchscreen!), but I'd rather fix the problem, whether I keep it or sell it - mostly, it's a fairly incredible system (17" 4K LCD, 32GB, GTX1080), but I don't really need two laptops.

It's not impossible Razer might be merciful, as it's probably only a couple weeks out of warranty, but I haven't yet contacted them.

My suspicion is it's a similar problem the PowerBook 5300c had, where there was a little plastic strip acting as a lever, connecting the button to the actual switch - that was prone to flexing permanently out of shape.

Knutz Scorpio

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Sep 20, 2018
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Found this for the Razer Blade 14, replacing repairing the touchpad button circuit board. Don't know how much the guy saved by actually soldering on new switches, maybe the part (circuit board) just wasn't available.