Oakland Settles Ghost Ship Fire for $32.7 million

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Sep 20, 2018
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Key takeaways:

$23.5 million will go to families of people who died, and $9.2 million will go to Sam Maxwell, who survived the fire with lifelong injuries.
This civil lawsuit is separate from the criminal case against Derick Almena, who was the master leaseholder of the warehouse. Almena is currently out on bail awaiting retrial, scheduled to begin in October.
"This was a horrific tragedy that deeply impacted every corner of our community," Oakland's City Council wrote in a statement. "The City continues to assert, as the agreement provides that it is not liable for these tragic losses. The City decided to settle this case because of the cost-benefit analysis."
Reporting by The Bay Area News Group showed that police officers had visited the space multiple times and were aware of the hazardous conditions it was in.
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