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Nov 16, 2018
The FTC is going after Meta with antitrust actions, over VR.

This is dumb. I don't like Facebook, and Horizons is kinda lame, but it's not big enough or disruptive enough to hate. It's certainly not big enough to constitute a monopoly. We might hate facebook account integration, but it's not like we hate integration with gargantuan companies as a rock solid principle. Look at your android phone. Do you scream 'monopoly' every time you log in to it, with your youtube account? Or is it your gmail account? Or your ad words account? It's the same account, for all these things, and more! There's almost no pushback over that, compared to Occulus-facebook integration.

The FTC needs to focus on real monopolies, and stop looking for excuses to go after people just because politicians like Hillary Clinton points their finger at them, to blame them for losing an election. In the end, elections are won and lost by candidates, not by companies like facebook. If you can't campaign in a world where facebook exists, you don't deserve to hold office.


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Sep 20, 2018
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Looks like Meta is catching up with SL

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That almost seems worse. I'm pretty positive there aren't many, if any, 7 year olds who make their way into SL. I'm a bit flabbergasted that there aren't separate areas for children and adults.

Who didn't see this coming?


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Sep 20, 2018
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It is sad but a fact, even now a days some young children are more computer savvy than their parents, who don't know much more than Facebook, Twitter, Netflix etc on their mobile phones and and maybe a laptops. From those parents there is not much guidance to be expected.

Those children know how to work with computers, because of working with them in schools and at friends.
Go figure, we only have about 35 years of Internet.

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Sep 20, 2018
That was the first jaw-drop. I remember being worried when my kids were that age on Club Penguin, and Club Penguin had FAR more safeguards in place.
And at least then you could watch over their shoulder.

But these parents buying their kids a Quest 2 like it's a Wii and they don't watch anything they're doing in there. I doubt they even know the free games on it are online and they are talking to actual strangers - it's just a videogame console to shut the kid up for most of them.

Rec Room is FILLED with unsupervised children. I'm surprised something terrible hasn't happened already.