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Bartholomew Gallacher

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Sep 26, 2018
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The new kid on the block deserves its own thread - New World!

It's the first game developed by Amazon Games which really got traction. At its core it's a sandbox MMORPG, which though as an afterthought got a quest line as well. Contrary to many other MMORPGs there are no classes. Instead you it's like in GW2: when you equiip certain weapon classes, these have perks which you can also change any time.

It's a game which does not hold your hand too much: after going through the starter area you will meet quite fast mobs, which will be able to kill you quickly if you don't pull your act together. So a pack of wolves really deserves attention, because they will kill you, and will not be beaten just by autohit. Combat is a really dumbed down version of BDO: it's not tab and hit, instead you have to move and use your abilities. But there are not so many of them around, it's easy but also not.

Also there are no mounts in the game. Instead there's fast travel builtin, but only to locations where you've already been. And taking a fast travel costs in game money as well. Only retuning to your inn is for free.

Graphics wise it's quite nice, it has a medieval feeling to it. The character editor though is rather limited. What you defiintely will not get in New World are women with skimpy armor.

Everything you do also basically adds experience to some skills. So if in WoW your favorite part was to skill jobs, then this could be quite your job heaven. And almost nothing feels pointless when doing staff. It also has nice touches, when e.g. people are cutting trees you can see them falling down nicely animated.

It's of course no perfect game, but already quite enjoyable. It's so popular that Amazon had in fact to create new servers and free realm transfers. The in game shop contains only cosmetics as it seems. And the game also has housing builtin.


Tiffy Vella

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Sep 21, 2018
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Beautiful game and really nicely animated. The housing system is fun. Its easy to try every weapon sort/fight style as you dont have to specialise too much until end game and its really easy to swap about. Its a gorgeous world to explore with challenging dungeons. Im taking a break as it got a bit frustrating- i got to a level where id need a really good kit-out to progress further, and that just wasnt possible for the amount of time I was willing to put in. Plus levelling up crafting was going to be endless. Plus the daily grind got repetitive after a while. But totally recommend it.
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Sep 20, 2018
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I have nonidea why, but for the longest time I kept confusing this game with Landmark, which Inam pretty sure closed up and died.

Then I played it briefly and was mostly just like, "Wait, this is not the game I thought it was."