Marcel's Paris Nightlife - Themed Show


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Sep 28, 2018
Event Date and Time
3pm SLT - Friday 28th August 2020
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A musical visit to the hotspots of Parisian nightlife. The bright LIDO in the Champs Elysees, the Crazy Horse with its chorus line of beautiful girls and, of course the Moulin Rouge the first cabaret in Paris with it's famous dances and historic can-can finale. Between these spots we will also have songs inspired by the vibrant nightlife of the city with some naughty lyrics and winks at those in the know of the city's and it's inhabitants loose tradition.

Add to the music (DJ'd by Sword Starfall), an amazing French Palace (kindly hosted by Allison & Cris Midnight) with huge dance hall and impressive view over Paris and the Seine and all of the city lights, and you have all it takes for a fun party. Feel free to dress either inspired on the stage costumes of the burlesque and cabaret places or just bring your party attire. All are welcome!

Allez PARIS!

(Starting 3 pm sl time and going for 2 hours).