Looking for Anthro African Wild Dog avi for classic body.

Lucierda Solari

Sending you love and light
Oct 7, 2018
SL Rez
Hi, everyone. I've been wanting to get an anthro/furry African Wild Dog avi that is not mesh. My reason for not wanting mesh is because I have outfits that consist of multiple layers that I can recolor almost on the fly. If I use a mesh body I lose that ability.

I know Dark Spot Designs had an AWD avi once, but it was limited edition and is not available to buy anywhere. It was also available for purchade at the DSD mainstore, but it is gone now.

Kahoots definitely made an AWD avi but it didn't quite have the look I had in mind.

Does anyone know where I can find a realistic anthro African Wild Dog avatar that allows me to wear classic clothing? Thank you so much for your help. =3