Is the US headed toward autocracy?


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Sep 20, 2018
SL Rez
Recent events and the way that Congress is handling them are very much making me wonder if in two years, we will be firmly entrenched in an autocracy. The actions the White House is taking are all authoritarian in nature and while the House keeps going on about how they will be considered as charges in the impeachment, it is still exceedingly doubtful that the Senate will remove him from office, literally no matter what he does. The statements the Republicans keep releasing are full of whataboutisms and accusations about the intelligence community and the Bidens while completely ignoring what's actually been not just alleged, but either confessed to or done in public by the President.

My concerns for things that could happen are these:

  1. The House impeaches. The Senate either refuses to take it up, or refuses to convict.
  2. The House is basically left unable to do any oversite once the specter of impeachment is no longer even a worry. They become a basically powerless branch of government, with all legislation only happening if Mitch McConnell approves it and no ability to prevent corruption or hold the executive branch accountable.
  3. Because Trump is not convicted, Russia, China and other nations actively enter the race via hacking and social media campaigns, guaranteeing a Trump victory in the coming election. Russia and perhaps some others have already begun this effort.
  4. As Trump gains a tighter hold on the Justice Department (once anyone who corroborates with this impeachment are purged and the whistle-blowers are fired), and on the Military (via more and more appointments to top spots who have declared loyalty), we end up forced to watch as Trump's political opponents and certain journalists are arrested and charged with treason (or some new offense that will take that place, since the definition of treason by law currently is very specific).
  5. Whistle-blowing is no longer protected and those who do it are subject to prosecution.
  6. All of the social progress made during the last several administrations is rolled back.
  7. We lose what's left of Obama Care. It is never replaced and those with pre-existing conditions are out of luck.
  8. We continue to actively destroy the environment - accelerating climate change. We likely use our power as a nation to start pressuring other countries to do the same.
  9. We begin summary executions of those trying to enter at the southern border.
  10. etc...etc....etc.
Someone please tell me that these aren't viable scenarios going forward, because every day I see go by that all Congress does is threaten to use the lack of cooperation as articles of impeachment, it seems to me to be more and more likely.