Ignore Button


Sep 20, 2018
Just a heads up.

The Ignore button is easy to click on by accident since it is right next to the Bookmark and Watch buttons. The last couple of days, I found threads I hadn't seen in a while when logged on. I remember putting some of them there, but not others. Some made enough sense that I just figured I had been moody or something and had gone on a Politics Ignore rampage but then I couldn't find the dog GIF thread and I knew I hadn't done that purposely. Inconceivable!

It's relatively easy to unignore, you'll find Show ignored content in the bottom right of the page, although, I had to ''unignore'' the puppy thread twice for some reason, it kept going back to invisible...

To be 100% certain, just go to your account page, and it's the last one on the Settings list - Your Ignored Content.