Ice on Fire - documentary


Sep 20, 2018
SL Rez
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Has anyone seen the Documentary Ice On Fire? I was reluctant to for a couple reasons but I’m so glad I gave it a chance.

I was worried because it’s “hosted” by Leonardo DiCaprio and I often hate celebrities with a conscience of convenience but his part was minimal other than narration and the real stars were the scientists and innovators and environmentalists.

My second concern is that climate change can be an hopeless, anger inducing exercise in frustration that depresses me but this Doc was the complete opposite. I’ve never felt so hopeful about the future.

I learned soooooo much about climate action initiatives and potential solutions which surprised me because I consider myself reasonably well versed on the topic. I was shocked to learn how kelp could save us. If a small fraction of the US controlled oceans was converted to kelp farms, it could absorb the carbon emissions of 20 million vehicles. Additionally, if that kelp was then harvested and turned into food for livestock, it would dramatically reduce the methane emissions. Just one example of what I learned and how this documentary is about hope not doomsday.

Ice on Fire should be mandatory viewing for everyone on the planet. I hope schools start adding it to the curriculum.