I Hate Docker


At least I tried to try.
Sep 20, 2018
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Feel free to try to sell me otherwise or agree.

I can never ever get shit to work with Docker. It's supposed to be this magic and easy plug and play thing but Jesus nothing ever seems to work at all.

So many things have gone to Docker Containers only too.

I want to set up Tiny Tiny RSS, Docker. VNC, Docker. I was looking into Sonarr and Radarr, Docker. I want to say Minecraft Bedrock servers are Docker only too. I am sure there is more.

You know what works. Using Git or WGET and untaring. Or apt-get, which pulls all the extra dependency crap automatically. Want to set up some web thingy? Set up a web server, copy the files to /var/www/html, and boom, done. Maybe you need to create a database user.

But no, now it's all docker, and it fails for some random fucking reason and the fix doesn't work for some random fucking reason and you can actually edit any config files because where are they? Who knows?

Anyway, /rant.
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