Happy 30th Anniversary, World Wide Web!

Clara D.

Dec 24, 2018
Phoenix, AZ, USA
So full disclosure - I taught myself web site creation by making Tori Amos and Nine Inch Nails fan sites in 90s. I was going through a phase.

I was especially proud of the flaming N logo that I designed in Caligari Truespace and exported for use on my NIN page. I cringe now but at the time I thought it was cool lol.

That said, VVO and SLU would never have existed without my awkward web phase, so there you go.
But was it on Geocities with a sparkly background? :p
Sep 19, 2018
Portland, OR
One of my early jobs, somewhere around 1978 I think, was for a long gone small company called Bedford Computer Systems. They sold their own customized daisy wheel printers. I wasn't there long. I only remember I did manual adjustments and being fascinated that a coworker programmed the eproms for them.

Later I worked for decades for a company that used Okidata 320 dot matrix printers. We used a couple of them long after it was fashionable to use dot matrix printers, in order to handle multipart forms. Those printers lasted forever. Okidata still sells them for $935. Why anyone would want to spend that much for one nowadays is a mystery to me.
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