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Sep 22, 2018
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Schedule effective beginning January 2019.
Currently two weekly events in SL:
Thursdays @ 1pmSLT - Brazen Head Irish Pub - Second Life Maps | Benvolio Holiday break ends with the set on 3rd January. Every week thereafter.
Fridays @ noon SLT - Red Orchid Resort - Second Life Maps | Dethly Island Holiday break ends with the set on the 4th January. Every week thereafter.

Genre: Mostly (but not exclusively) folk - traditional and modern ballads and story songs.

I'll be playing the same set at both venues each week. Each week's set will repeat no more than three songs from the previous week, no song will be repeated more than two weeks in a row without a good reason and most weeks will feature at least one song I haven't performed on the SL stream before.

Horribly pretentious "Artist Bio" under the spoiler...
Da5id Weatherwax is a musician primarily in the folk tradition with a marked preference for ballads and story songs. His folk-music orientation most emphatically does not mean he restricts his repertoire entirely to older or traditional music, it's very much a "living" tradition and if it's a melody-driven song or has a good story to its lyrics he regards it as fair game if he can come up with an arrangement of it that suits his vocal range.

Musically, he began as a chorister in his local church and school choir where he advanced to be both choirs' principal treble soloist before the inevitable onslaught of adolescence on his vocal range brought his career as a classical vocalist to an abrupt halt. It didn't stop him singing altogether though and he began joining music circles in his local pub as soon as he looked old enough to not be promptly thrown out of the place. This early association with traditional music is the source of his drive to understand the history of the music he performs, to know about the events and circumstances surrounding the stories his songs tell and, where possible, to share that with his audience during performances.

Since that time he's been a semi-regular performer for over 30 years in venues on both sides of the Atlantic as varied as folk clubs, bars, church halls, street corners and subway stations, conventions, private parties and now online streaming to virtual venues. Although in the past he would frequently sing with his former wife and their daughter, he is now a solo performer.

Although he's familiar with several instruments he still regards his primary instrument as his voice and these days prefers to perform with a simple guitar accompaniment or occasionally a capella. He avoids pre-recorded backing tracks outside of karaoke bars, taking the view that "If I make a mistake then it proves it's all live, doesn't it?" and, for the same reason, generally restricts his use of audio effects to a little reverb on the main mix.

He generally doesn't take requests on the fly because he will normally come to a performance with a rehearsed (and timed to fit his slot) set list, however if there is a song that anyone wants which he either knows or can learn, he'll consider adding it to the rotation for future sets.