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Sep 21, 2018
Acid. I'm all about the acid these days.

I've got those little Sicilia squirts like yours above, lemon for most green veggies and lime for avocados.

And pickled EVERYTHING. Pickles of course, at least 3-4 varieties in the fridge at any given time (HOT DAMN DILLS are SOOOOO good!), plus pickled asparagus, pickled beets, pickled giardinera, pickled peppers, pickled jalapenos, and pickled okra.

Basically the entire lower shelf of our fridge is random vegetation in vinegar. :)

Brenda Archer

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Sep 21, 2018
I like garlic a lot too but can't be bothered mincing it up. I know the way to do it. Chop both ends off. Use the dull handle end of a knife to squash it. Then the skin will come off easily. Still, scooping it out of a bottle is easier.
Yeah I just scoop it out of a jar. Buying whole garlic was an exercise in good intentions never fulfilled.
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Sep 19, 2018
a sunburnt country
Have you tried black garlic?
Are you allergic?
Not allergies, I've been developing a bit of acid reflux as I've gotten older, and alliums, in particular garlic, are the major culprits. Black garlic too, unfortunately. I can still eat it in smaller amounts* without things getting too unpleasant, but I've had to curb my consumption considerably in recent years. Yet another reason getting older sucks.

* -- Admittedly, my definition of a "smaller" amount of garlic is still quite large compared to the norm. Where once I'd roast whole heads as a side condiment for steak, these days I'll just do compound butters.