Feminist economics: The Guardian examines why it costs so much more to be a woman than a man in the USA

Innula Zenovka

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Sep 20, 2018
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The Guardian has launched a new series:

Why does it cost more to be a woman than a man in so many spheres of American life? Why is America’s treatment of mothers so out of sync with other developed nations? Why do women have less free time than men? And why do women face so much pressure to spend money and time on grooming, from eyebrow waxing to makeup?

These are the some of the questions we’ll explore in Feminist economics, our new series revealing the myriad obstacles women face under American capitalism. Parity in pay, political representation, household obligations and more remain well out of reach, and the disparities are frequently exacerbated when gender bias intersects with racial discrimination
One of the first pieces: