network Fans Angry With How The Conners Killed Off Roseanne's Character

Kamilah Hauptmann

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Sep 20, 2018
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I hate to say this, but I am not sure how well the show works without her. A lot of the comedy of the show was other characters' interactions with her as the common link. Yes, it was always an ensemble show, but she was the main draw. Time will tell if the new show finds its own voice, but it fell kind of flat for me. It probably should have just ended.
Imagine a Sopranos ending.

Kara Spengler

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Sep 20, 2018
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I am glad to see it continuing. Dan and the rest are interesting characters and hopefully now we will see more of the LGBT kid (signs point to yes). It was also great to see the muslim family make an appearance as well.

Fauve Aeon

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Oct 29, 2018
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They could have portrayed a more true to life scenario based on her somehow getting herself in trouble (I'm seeing committing a crime and getting caught) then working her way through a trial where they shame her and a big fine, short jail time and lots of community service where she was portrayed becoming less of an asshole and mending her ways. But that's a lot of work and the series decision makers obviously did not think the redemption route was the way to go. Some celebs bounce back a little or a lot from some types of bad behavior and even crimes, others do not. Martha Stewart comes to mind.


Vermicious Knid
Oct 21, 2018
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Fuck I don't remember
I didn’t watch it before she left, but I finally watched the current three episodes. I thought the way they handled her death was fine. The first half of the episode felt awkward — like everyone was just going through the motions, but by the end of the episode the actors seemed to have settled back into their characters and the scene between Darlene and Jackie actually made me tear up. I was kind of coming around to enjoying it and then they had to pull the obligatory “PC Culture is out of control” bullshit and life is just too short.

The main problem I felt with the show is that Metcalf’s character doesn’t work without Rosanne. I love Metcalf, but Jackie is too ridiculous and eats up too much of a room. The character needs someone with the gravitas to balance her out and Gilbert just doesn’t have that. They either need to evolve Jackie’s character to tone her down a bit or... actually I’m not sure what the other option is. All the other characters and relationships seemed fine. Even drunk Becky was odd but kind of working for me.